Main subjects

Title: Biruni is a Bridge of Cultural and Historical Relations between Iran and the Subcontinent


a)      Biruni as a pioneer of Indology

b)      Biruni’s contribute to science, philosophy and history

c)      Influence Persian language, literature and Iranian arts, architecture and culture in the subcontinent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh)

d)     Development of Gnosticism and Sufism in the subcontinent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) during the Ghaznavid period

e)      Impact of Indo-Iranian relations in the development of multiculturalism and multilingualism in the subcontinent

f)       Biruni’s views on religion in his writings

g)      Evaluation of the importance of Biruni’s Book: Tahqiq-e ma lelhind

h)      Indo- Iran relations during the period contemporary to Biruni (during the Ghaznavides)

i)        Outline of Biruni’s  travels and his life in India

j)        Life and various aspects of the personality of Biruni

k)      Analyse Biruni’s book – Tarikhul Hind