Authors’ Guidelines

abstract: 350-400 words including the purpose methodology and conclusion.

words: up to 7 words.

ition and affiliation, Tel. no., legal residential address and email 5000 words (abstract & bibliography included)

nces: inside the text as (Ashraf, 1980: 20)

Sources: sorted at the end of paper as: Ashraf, Ali, (1983) Muslim Traditions in Bengali Literature, Dhaka: Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh.

should be original and exclusively submitted to the conference.

Fonts – English (Times New Roman) 12 (Footnotes 10);

Persian B Lotus 14 (reference 11).

ent) in a separate file up to 200 words

Language : Persian and English [Persian abstract should be accompanied by English translation]

All good quality research papers will be published as ‘Biruni Commemoration Volumes – 2018, after reviewing and necessary editing by the members of an expert panel and editorial board.

Submission of Abstracts and Papers to : [English and Persian papers]

: [Persian papers only]