2nd Biruni Interdisciplinary International Conference on Regional Development and World Peace


2nd Biruni Interdisciplinary International Conference on Regional Development and World Peace

On the Occasion of the Commemoration of

The 1041st Birth Anniversary of the Great Iranian Scholar Abu Rayhan Biruni

22-24 October, 2014

Abstract by 21 July 2014 [extended to 15 August 2014]


ساقی حدیث سرو و گل و لاله میرود                   وین بحث به ثلاثۀ غساله میرود

شکر شکن شوند همۀ طوطیان هند           زین قند فارسی که به بنگاله میرود (حافظ

[O Cupbearer! the tale of Cypress, the Rose and the Tulip is going on

And with the three washers this dispute is going on

All the parrots of Hindustan become sugar shatterers

As this sugar candy of Farsi (Persian) to Bengal is going on (Hafiz of Shiraz)]

On the occasion of the observance of the 1041st birth anniversary of Abu Rayhan Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Biruni (973 – 1048 AD), Abu Rayhan Biruni Foundation, Dhaka, considering the contemporary regional crisis and persisting world problems, announces The First International Conference on Regional Development and World Peace and hereby calls informative academic research papers by the scholars at home and abroad. Abu Rayhan Biruni was born on 5 September 973 AD in Kath in the region of Khawarizm of the then Iran (nowadays an independent state of Uzbekistan) and died on 13th December 1048 AD in the city of Ghazni, the capital city of the then Ghaznavid ruler.  He was a visionary and highly academic philosopher and scientist. He contributed to the fields of science, philosophy, history, culture and society. His generous non-partisan as well as philanthropic views and efforts contributed a lot to the educational, scientific and inter-cultural development of the world which also helped bring into being the level of intellectuality and humanism as well as coexistence and peace. Regional development is, indeed, an idea of multiplicity and plurality denoting the meaning of common efforts or initiatives in order to comply with the developing plan drawn by the authorities of the respective neighbouring countries. In regard to address the prevailing hostile situation in many parts of the world and to ensure a sustainable peace there, more responsible and credible action of international community is needed today.  The contemporary world problems indicate a complete failure of the United Nations Organisation as well as other international institutions: O I C, Non-Alliance Movement etc. The problems of Kashmir, Palestine, and many other regional issues such as Farakka, Tipai Mukh and Tista barrages etc. have been continuing for decades defying hundreds of official resolutions by the U N O and by the officials of regional concerned states. There seems to be a perpetual conflict developed in the Middle East since the emergence of Israel in the land of Palestine by the direct interference of Britain and the U N O. Similarly, the role of politicians in many countries also appears to be ineffective and virtually futile to bring about any useful solution for the issues of development and peace. Hence, it is time for the academics, researchers and literati as well as scholars to step forward to address these issues with the spirit of responsibility, sincerity and finally of the aspiration towards prevailing peace and sustainable development, considering the fragile security and safety conditions of the contemporary world.

The proposed conference is of an interdisciplinary nature and will provide a scope for the writers, researchers and academicians to come up with their resourceful papers, recommendations and suggestions. We hope this effort will help our people, especially, those involved in ruling the countries in question, as well as, the international community in general to understand the contemporary situation and find a way forward to get rid of it. Thus, we hope the researchers, Professors, teachers as well as outstanding research students from all over the world especially from Europe, America, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Malaysia,  India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will participate in this interdisciplinary congress by sending their abstracts and papers as well as by presenting them for the audience.

The presented papers will be published as ‘Collection of papers’ with ISBN number after reviewing and necessary editing by the members of expert panel and editorial board.

Dr. Abu Musa Mohammad Arif Billah

Chairman, Abu Rayhan Biruni Foundation (ARBF)

Convener, 2nd Biruni Interdisciplinary International Conference on Regional Development and World Peace